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These are the most frequently asked questions. If you have any additional inquiries or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at info@sextoysupply.com.

The elevated shipping costs are attributed to the international nature of our shipments, originating from China/Hong Kong. International shipping inherently incurs higher expenses compared to domestic shipping.

Despite the apparent shipping costs, it’s crucial to consider the substantial cost-effectiveness of our wholesale prices. A trial order of $200 yields a diverse range of products, significantly more economical than purchasing locally. Our commitment as a Chinese wholesaler reflects in the modest profit margins associated with the products listed on our website.

It is important to recognize that our clients’ sustained profitability and loyalty contribute significantly to our business success. Distributing the shipping cost across individual items reveals the remarkable affordability of our products, facilitating profitability for your business.

Yes, we do have cheap shipping option. For orders surpassing 13kg, we offer an ocean shipping option, presenting a substantial cost-saving opportunity you, which it is around half price saving compare to express airexpress DHL/UPS. All packages will be delivered to your door without any hassles about the clearance/tax/duty issue. Onetime fee with NO hidden charge. Extremely recommend. 

Payment Options:

We offer two secure methods for completing your orders:

  1. PayPal:

    • Make quick and secure payments online.
    • Payment options include credit cards, debit cards, or bank account balances.
    • Upon order submission, you will be directed to PayPal’s site for payment processing.
    • Advantages of using PayPal:
      • Traceable payment status through your PayPal account.
      • No need to expose your credit card online; payments can be transferred directly from your bank account.
      • Enhanced security with PayPal’s encrypted server, minimizing the risk of unauthorized use.
    • Please note: A 3.4% handling cost will be charged by PayPal and added to your order.
  2. Wire Transfer:

    • We gladly accept Wire Transfer payments for most orders.
    • Select bank wire as the payment method during checkout, and our company’s bank information will be provided on your order page and in the order confirmation email.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you opt for Wire Transfer, kindly send your bank receipt to us via email at info@sextoysupply.com. We process payments daily and require your bank receipt to confirm payment and promptly initiate your order. Your cooperation ensures a smooth and efficient order processing.

For extensive wholesale orders, our dedicated team is committed to delivering personalized customer service. We understand the importance of your large-volume requirements, and our VIP Customer Manager is ready to assist you. For inquiries, quotations, and comprehensive discussions on shipping options, please contact us at info@sextoysupply.com. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we look forward to serving your needs seamlessly.

We offer dropshipping services exclusively for wholesale orders. This service is applicable only to wholesale orders due to the minimum order quantity on our website. If your customers have wholesale business requirements, we can provide this service for you. Rest assured, we do not include any information about our company in the package. Additionally, we can customize the invoice according to your preferences.

Features of SexToySupply:

  1. Specialized Supplier for Adult Toy Businesses: We excel as the preferred sex toy supplier for adult toy wholesalers, sex stores, online sex shops, home party companies, and drop shippers. With a decade of experience in China, our curated selection focuses on low-cost, high-quality sex toys at reasonable prices, addressing the specific needs of our customers. We prioritize products that enhance sales potential and maximize profits.

  2. Flexible Ordering Options: Leveraging our substantial orders from Chinese manufacturers, we offer the flexibility of accepting small quantity orders at exceptionally low wholesale prices. Whether testing samples with just one piece or placing larger orders, you aren’t required to purchase entire cartons for each item. Our well-stocked warehouse ensures cost savings for our clients.

Why Choose Us?

  1. Competitive Pricing: With 90% of sex toys manufactured in China, we secure items directly from factories in bulk, ensuring the most competitive prices for our clients, thereby maximizing profit margins.

  2. Versatility in Orders: We accommodate mixed orders and single-item purchases, offering high-quality product images for your convenience.

  3. Efficient Delivery: Swift handling and packing (1-5 days) coupled with air express shipping (3-5 days, door-to-door) ensure that your package arrives within 4-10 days post-order.

  4. Cost-Effective Shipping: Operating from Hong Kong, our shipping ensures both safety and cost-effectiveness.

  5. Dedicated Customer Service: Our online customer service is readily available during working hours, guaranteeing prompt responses to emails and messages within 0-12 hours. Daily email updates with online tracking information are provided post-shipment.

  6. Continuous Product Updates: We regularly introduce new products to our inventory, keeping our selection fresh and appealing.

  7. Weekly Specials: Take advantage of our weekly specials to enhance your profit margins.

  8. Value-Added Free Gifts: Enjoy valuable free gifts with every order, further enhancing your customer experience.

  9. Generous Return Policy: Our customer-friendly return policy safeguards your interests and mitigates potential losses, ensuring a favorable experience.

We have eliminated the minimum order quantity requirement, allowing you to order as little as 1 piece per item for sampling. However, we do maintain a minimum order value for merchandise, commencing at USD$200. Recognizing the challenges faced by those entering the business, particularly online shop owners, we have set a low minimum order value to facilitate accessibility. With this approach, you can strategically order a few pieces of each item, minimizing costs and optimizing your stock space. Our commitment is to support your business growth, ensuring that your venture becomes not only successful but also more substantial over time. 

The majority of packages closely resemble the images displayed on our website; however, there may be occasional variations in packaging. This is contingent upon whether the original factory has made changes to the packaging.

Certainly, offering assistance is a service we extend to our customers. We have a diverse clientele worldwide, including numerous online sex shop owners. Our aim is to particularly aid newcomers in establishing their businesses more seamlessly. For the product pictures corresponding to your order, please reach out to our sales team. You can either contact them directly or leave a message specifying your requirements when placing the order.

  • In instances where large blister packages are included, and customers order multiple units of a particular item, there is a concern about the considerable space these packages occupy within the shipping box. The volume (cube) of the carton becomes a crucial factor, as shipping carriers like UPS or DHL apply a formula to convert cube measurements to weight, influencing shipping costs. Our system calculates shipping costs based on the actual rates provided by UPS or DHL each month. However, if the chosen packaging results in a larger carton volume, UPS may impose additional charges. To mitigate this, and in an effort to avoid passing on extra costs to our customers, we adopt a strategy of separating items and their packaging within the carton. This approach optimizes space utilization, preventing the occurrence of additional charges. We appreciate your understanding in this matter. 
  • Many items come with a printing display box made of paper, making them susceptible to damage during transportation or when subjected to pressure within the carton. This can hinder customers from successfully reselling these items. To address this concern, we take special care to pack the display boxes separately within the carton in a secure manner. This precautionary measure is implemented to prevent any damage, ensuring that the display boxes remain intact and readily marketable upon reaching the customer. 


We acknowledge that it may require some effort on the part of customers to manage their packages upon receipt. However, this precautionary measure is essential for both cost-saving and safeguarding the products during international transportation. Having witnessed the handling of packages at airports or during truck transport, it becomes apparent that the additional effort involved in securing the packaging is preferable to the risk of receiving damaged goods. We trust that our customers understand the necessity of this practice for the overall protection of their ordered products.

Certainly, we are aware that Customs fees and taxes can be substantial, varying based on the regulations of different countries when your order reaches its destination. To assist you in minimizing these charges, we can adjust the invoice to reflect a smaller amount. It’s important to note that while we are happy to provide this service, the adjusted amount needs to be reasonable to avoid any complications with Customs.

If you require this service, kindly reach out to us via email.

To establish a sustainable presence in the adult toys industry, building your own sex toys brand is essential. Customized sex toys play a crucial role in promoting brand identification, and SexToySupply has assisted numerous clients in this regard.


  • Silk-screen Printing:
    • The most commonly used method for printing logos, offering strong adaptability to different substrates and surface shapes. This method is applicable to various materials, except those that cannot be printed, such as air and water. Size limitations are minimal, making it suitable for custom vibrators, dildos, and various other sex toys.
  • Laser Engraving:
    • Primarily used on raw materials like silicone, plastic, PVC, leather, and metal. Suitable for adult products such as vibrators, masturbation cups, and BDSM toys. It’s important to note that TPE products, being soft and sensitive to high temperatures, are not recommended for laser engraving.


  • Normal Color Box Packaging:
    • Inclusive of logo, color, text, and printing technology, with support for multiple languages. Outer laminating film ensures a sealed package. We provide optimal solutions to customize your packaging design.
  • Neutral Packing with Logo Sticker:
    • Ideal for new or budget-conscious sellers. Custom brand stickers can be created based on your logo, offering a cost-effective option. SexToySupply offers a complimentary logo sticker service for new customers.
  • Simple Packaging Solution:
    • Tailored packing solutions for different sex toys. For heavier items like dildos or pocket pussies, durable packaging is essential to prevent damage during transportation. Options include blister boxes, woven bags, OPP bags, flannel bags, aluminum film bags, etc., with or without your logo—referred to as white label packing. 


Please contact us for more inquires about custom your own brand: info@sextoysupply.com

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