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Love Faux Fox Sexy Romance Games Toys Tail

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Product Description:

This certainly is a high quality butt plug that resembles a fox tail. The metal that gets into the anal cavity is made from cool and safe metal. You will love as the metal slips in while your partner continues with his or her foreplay and other activities to arouse you and himself/herself.
You must cool or warm the metal plug in water before you make use of it. This will go a long way in increasing the sensation of many folds. Once through you can unscrew the tail and this makes cleaning quite easy. The butt plug can be worn alone. Pleasure ensures that the metal is lubed adequately for that perfect and smoother experience.
Main Features: It is an appropriate butt plug with the best quality faux fur tail for that foxy experience. It weighs around 97g-126g and this ensures a filling, exotic sensation. It is skin-safe and does not cause any irritation. Safe for use with all types of anal lubricants.

Material: Stainless Steel/Faux Fox Fur

S: Diameter-2.8cm Length-7.5cm Tail Length-35-40cm

M: Diameter-3.5cm Length-8.5cm Tail Length-35-40cm

L: Diameter-4.1cm Length-9.5cm Tail Length-35-40cm 


S: 97g

M: 100g

L: 126g

Color: Anal Plug-Silver Tail: As Shown
Package Included: 3 x Faux Fox Tail Anal Plugs
Wholesale Price: $4.28~$8.77

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